ALL-DAY WELLNESS BUNDLE (1,150 total mg’s, Save 36%)

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This Bundle combines our recommended daily CBD regimen for a healthy routine of restful sleep, activity and mental focus.

We combine the fast-absorbing action of an oral Liquid Tincture Drop in the morning with the digestive and total body health of a capsule and then finishing off our day by promoting relaxation, reduced anxiety and better sleep with our specially formulated Gummy Bears.

SAVE 36% with this Bundle!

This Bundle includes:

  • 500mg Peppermint Full-Spectrum Tincture
  • 15 Liquid CBD Capsules (Gel Caps)
  • 500mg Bottle of our customer favorite sugar-sprinkled Gummy Bears

While the above products can be taken in any order, our experienced CBD analysts recommend the following dosing plan.

Morning: Since an oral liquid has the fastest absorption as the previous day’s dosage is wearing off, we recommend starting with some drops of your tincture under the tongue to get CBD back into your bloodstream

Lunchtime: We recommend taking a capsule mid-day which will take 1-2 hours for you to feel. Ingesting a capsule made up of our full spectrum blend (meaning it includes a variety of different terpenes and cannabinoids in addition to CBD oil) provides consumers with all the CBD oil benefits that hemp has to offer. Our capsules are designed to help promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle, and to support a sense of overall wellness and digestive health.

Evening: Our Gummy Bears containing CBD isolate and a touch of Melatonin along with our proprietary formula promote relaxation, reduced anxiety and sleep before bed.


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